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What is the Model Project Center?

Over the past year, I have worked with varying degrees of talent both in front of and behind the camera within the industry. I've traveled and spoken with several professionals in a handful of cities around the US and have gained a new perspective on what a creative scene should/could look and feel like so that all may benefit.

This new version of the Model Project Center is my way of introducing what I feel is a quality of life advancement for both photographers and models, more directly here in KCMO, but also for any creative who shares the same sentiment that I do.

I am by no means a creative authority, nor a name that has the power to change the financial equality here in KC, but if I can offer something that is helpful for growth, I want to try.

The Who

Who the Model Project Center is for is simple, it's for any creative looking to create opportunity for reoccurring portrait work within the Model scene while working on refining their craft. We should all have our bill paying client work established, but client work doesn't always allow us to be creative. The Model Project Center offers a system that you can personalize and utilize to fit your financial and creative needs.

The What

At its core, the Model Project Center is aimed to be a place for growth. Models will have a handful of projects to participate in that are meant to elevate our portfolios as we learn and grow together from project to project. As a creative, you can take this structure and apply it to practice the particular skillsets you are wanting to improve on or experiment with. By utilizing the discount structure you can offer more opportunities on the learning and experimental end of your creative work while still getting paid for your time.

The Why

As I've grown as a creative, I have become a huge advocate for having talented models on set. Professional models allow me to focus more on my creative process and less on directing or fixing poses. By communicating my values and portrait value up front I'm able to stand behind my creative standards more confidently. Models who understand the value of my time and art are more likely to show up and perform, leaving us with more than just a couple stand out images.

I want this Model Project Center to provide more opportunities to creatives looking to grow, expand, and fund their creative pursuits.

What You'll Get

Here are some of the benefits you'll receive when joining my creative list:

1) Exclusive look at my pricing structure and a free template in how to create your own pricing structure.

2) Exclusive first looks at my creative projects aimed to grow model portfolios with opportunity to collaborate or 2nd shoot client based Projects

3) Priority casting for creative events that I have planned for the year to help us all break into the commercial market

4) Opportunity to create and host creative projects and streamline your model casting. Revenue gained per project booked!

5) Access to my ever expanding network of Model coaches, Hair and Make-up Artist, fellow photo and video creatives alike, and more!


Fill out this form and you'll be on your way to joining, it's that easy!

By joining the list you'll have your foot in the door for my creative meetups and events that I have planned for the year. You're also welcome to connect and join as either a 2nd shooter, an onset assistant, or a general grip for a project if you wish.

Whether you're just looking for more experience, or you have an agency or show you want to get involved with, let me know!

Text, email, Instagram, whats app, really whatever is comfortable let me know here and provide the information needed to chat