Shapes & Lines

Shapes and lines create perspective and story in an image. They can depict power, struggle, grace, and more. As a model, you'll find yourself wanting to push your body to create these shapes and lines to better showcase the garment you're wearing or better express the story your photographer is trying to tell. Please be sure to properly stretch before trying dynamic posing!


1) The main objective is to hyper focus on create shapes and lines

2) We will experiment with naturally created shapes, and then defining and testing poses that create lines

3) We will aim to create images that can define the shape you were intending to create.

Your Steps

1) Review the prompts and start thinking about what shapes or lines you'd like to create

2) Choose a couple looks to bring that may help emphasize or create additional shapes. Think of the fashion market you want to pursue and bring outfits that you can practice with

3) STRETCH! Seriously, last thing we need is for you to pull a muscle on set. Drink water while you're at it.

4) If the project interests you, fill out the form as best you can and get excited to create!


Shapes are everywhere and our minds like finding them in all places. We often find ourselves more enticed by an image if our brain can identify shapes within the frame. The above graphic shows how shapes can be formed in the lines and spaces we present in front of the camera.


Line work within posing is a 50-50 effort from both photographer and model, but it starts with the model. Leading lines in your posing help complete a composition and direct the viewer to where we want them to look or how we want them to feel. The more creative you get with your line work, the more dynamic of a pose you'll have . Once you define the pose, we will refine the angle to help emphasize those lines or reshape the light to showcase them easier

Interested in Modeling?

Thank you for considering my project! Your interest alone means so much. I am so excited to create with you!

I hope that my photography can provide you with images you need to take your modeling career further.

To help keep me organized, I have put together this form below that will help me not only keep us on track for this project, but also keep you updated for future projects that are similar to this.

These discounts will be granted with my final discretion in mind. We will discuss and agree upon a final value before the session is booked. For discounts B, E-G have a receipt/picture of the receipt of their services ready.