Earrings (Parts)

One of KC's main commercial markets is consumer products. The jewelry business alone has boomed and is expected to continue growing into a billion dollar industry world wide. Having experience showcasing various styles of earrings can open up a plethora of opportunities for you. Whether its with high end brands, or start up businesses, your skills will be an asset to the commercial market.


1) The main objective is to hyper focus on the product.

2) We will experiment with lighting, clothing, and expression to achieve the final look

3) We will experiment with editorial looks that match the brand identity of the product.

Your Steps

1) Grab your jewelry or get in touch with a designer and ask for a list of products you are asked to shoot

2) Choose a couple looks to bring that may help emphasize your products. Think of color harmonies or think of combinations that might clash.

3) Drink water and make sure your hair is in good shape. Some of these images will be cropped in close and all that detail will show

4) If the project interests you, fill out the form as best you can and get excited to create!

Your Steps

1) Review the prompts and start thinking about what moments you'd like to create

2) Choose a couple looks to bring that express who you are in those moments. This can range from lounge wear, pj's, lingerie, or heck even a snuggie. Get comfy, get cozy. For On locations, wear your favorite date outfit.

3) Gather any snacks or props you'd like to include to assist your story telling

4) If the project interests you, fill out the form as best you can and get excited to create!

True Parts

These images will be focused heavily on the product. It will be your job to pose in ways that look and feel natural but put the product in the lime light. Since your expressions and your eyes aren't the focus here, you will need to focus on jaw line, hand lines, and the overall facing of the earring


These images will include your face and more dramatic/specific lighting to glorify the product. Your goal will be to match your expressions to match the brand identity we are aiming to achieve.

Interested in Modeling?

Thank you for considering my project! Your interest alone means so much. I am so excited to create with you!

I hope that my photography can provide you with images you need to take your modeling career further.

To help keep me organized, I have put together this form below that will help me not only keep us on track for this project, but also keep you updated for future projects that are similar to this.

These discounts will be granted with my final discretion in mind. We will discuss and agree upon a final value before the session is booked. For discounts B, E-G have a receipt/picture of the receipt of their services ready.