Welcome Models!

A rundown on Project for Fundamentals

Projects for Fundamentals

These projects are open year round and are meant to be a space for you to target a particular skill or style in your craft. You can pop in for a fun refresher before a big shoot or gain more experience/creative direction in a non-destructive space. As you grow and land more client or brand shoots, you may want to experiment with posing or direction, but are too nervous to try something outside of your "tried and true" poses while on the paying Client's time, these projects allow you to get experimental.

Guaranteed Shot list per Project

Why have a shot list?

Generally speaking, these images seem very common sense, but it is very easy to get swept away in the creative process. A shot list not only keeps me on task to make sure I am delivering you images that your agent or clients want to see, but it's also a way for new models to know what to ask for from other photographers as they navigate the creative space.

The Headshot

The headshot is probably the most important crop a model needs. For every shoot, including parts shoots, we will be sure to grab a new headshot to throw into your portfolio mix. This will give agents more variety to choose from when building your portfolio.

The Full Body

The full body is also an important crop. This photo allows agents to see proportions and body type. You'll want to find poses that feel natural to you. Agents will want a more form fitting outfit, so when you are choosing what photos to send over to a potential agent or client be sure to select one of those.

The Smiling

The smiling photo is such an important asset to commercial work that I want to be sure to include this in the guaranteed shot list. You do not have to worry about the condition of your teeth. Many agents just want to see what they are working with. Get comfortable with your smile, and find ways to present it as natural as possible.

Current Projects

Below are the current projects for the Fundamentals Projects list. They are meant to be simple and inherently vague so that you can utilize them as you need. These projects are sub categorized into the three categories described below. Though these are presented as individual projects, you are absolutely allowed and encouraged to compound projects within your session time. Time will be divided evenly throughout the session so that you can hyper focus on that particular subcategory in that time.


Fundamentals are full of compound movements and dynamic angles/compositions. Learn how you appear from a low angle or high angle, how to properly adjust your pose to best flatter you (Some photographers will not always know how to adjust you!)


These projects are primarily an opportunity to play with color. Though at times very minor, the colors we wear or the colors we stand in front of can often change how our skin appears in pictures. Lighting patterns on brighter colors can cause some glow bleed at times and are all things to experiment with. If you have the knowledge of what colors you look best in, you can take on more photoshoots with confidence.


These projects will primarily hyper focus on the particular part that you are wanting to practice at or feature. These are a great space to prep for commercial shoots that revolve around product. An additional benefit to booking these projects are that these skills carry over into several areas. Learning how to best flatter your hands and legs will elevate poses in all areas.