Thank you for being here, we are so excited to have you!

Thank you for your interest in this event! We really want this creative event to be an opportunity for you to get exposed to various food creative environments. For those dining in with us today, there will be food for you to photograph and experiment with, as well as various lighting environments for you to explore.

Though we hope you have the chance to try one of our three delicious courses, we hope this page can serve as a brief introduction to Chef Halla, their story, and food photography/videography as a whole

Who we are Supporting

Halla is a local chef currently cooking for Corvino and hosting pop ups throughout the city. Their love for food has fueled their curiosity and creative mind and I'm so excited to support them in their journey!

Your workshop ticket funds a great portion of their journey as they pursue independent private chef services

Check out their Instagram

So, what do I do at this event exactly?

I'm glad you asked! As I'm sure you've noticed, there are a few backdrops set up with various lighting environments, a table of decor, and some fresh ingredients available to you. Before you munch on your food, we encourage you to take your dish, grab your camera (yes, you can use your phone!) and try your hand at food photography! You are allowed to use the decor and various plating elements to bring your vision to life! Create your own vision, or dive deeper into the dishes below and challenge yourself to bring Chef's vision to life!

The 3 Courses

Take a deeper dive into the three course meal our chef is sharing with everyone today! Learn their story. Learn their vision. Get inspired.

Dive Deeper

New to food photography? No worries!

Below are some quick pointers on how you can approach creating your very own food photography masterpieces

Camera Angle Options

The Lay Flat

The lay flat is the most popular angle in food photography. Use some of the compositions below as guides to creating your very own table setting. For this angle, simply hold your phone above your setting and aim to have your camera as wide and level as possible. Remember, you can always crop in!

The 45 degree

The 45 degree refers to holding your camera looking down at your food from about a 45 degree. This angle is most appealing as it not only helps shallow out bowls and creates a gentle sense of depth, but it also simulates a point of view perspective for the viewer

The Straight on

The straight on angle is great for showing height and layers in your food. It's a popular angle for creating what's known as the "Hero Shot". For this angle, you'll want to imagine being "eye-level" with your food subject. For additional height, tilt your camera up just a tad to give your subject some additional height!

Some Composition Examples

Lay Flat Curves

For your lay flats, imagine creating "S" and "C" curves with your food and ingredients to give the image some intrigue for the eye to follow.

45 degree

I find that this "branch" composition (as I call it) helps lead the eye to dance around the composition and allows you to create redirection in the frame with props and decor

Straight on - Rule of 3rds

The rule of thirds is a powerful compositional guide line for all straight on angles. By placing the highlight element in one third, you leave yourself room to create story or setting in the other. The vertical guidelines also help ensure you have symmetry and are level.

Lighting options available to you

Natural Light

Use this lighting environment if you are using your phone, point and shoot, or DSLR. This lighting environment will vary as the day moves on, but it will provide you with lifestyle images and improve your day to day foodie pictures


Use this lighting environment if you want to experiment with a little more lighting control. LED's will mimic natural light but allow you to explore various light angles and shadow work to create unique looks.

Off Camera Flash

This lighting environment is strictly used for those that have a DSLR. I will have a trigger for my 640w with a 4ft octa box and a newer 300w with a square box modifier for off camera flash set ups available for you to utilize. Simply ask for assistance and we'll get the trigger to you.

If you are using flash, set your camera to the following settings:

ISO 200

SS 1/125

F/4.0 to start

Can I do Video?

Yes absolutely! Grab your food, grab your phone, get fancy with it! Most of today's marketing is filled with what is called Native Digital Marketing. Essentially it means creating ads as if they were made naturally on their marketing platform (Instagram, Tik Tok, etc) If you've ever wanted to create some cool food tik toks or take some epic hero shots of food, now is your chance to try that out!

Cooking B-Roll

Focus on the plating section towards the end!

Have any questions?

Curious on learning more about food photography? Feel free to reach out!