Shoot Minutes

I'd like us to keep a general log of how we felt our shoot days went. This can be accessed by all teams involved if need be. This way we can have open discussion when things change or seem to be changing

This isn't required, but here if we need it!

Google Docs

To My Friends at House of Miri,

Firstly, I want to thank you for your time and consideration with utilizing my photography services!

It has been such an honor to see your growth over the years and to hear all the wonderful things from the models you've supported. I appreciate you taking the time to show me around the space and talk through where you're at within your journey and how you envision us aligning.

This introduction will act as a general proposal for what our partnership could look like moving forward. Know that as a previous start-up and business owner, I understand that frequencies of work are bound to ebb and flow. As stated when we met in store, I want to pursue with your best interests in mind. Don't hesitate to come to me for any questions, comments, or concerns. Additionally know that I want all compensation to be what's comfortable for you. I know that as your success may grow, that you'll take care of me and your team in turn.

No stress, no worries, all growth!

- Jon -

House of Miri


House Of Miri is an online and in-store women's clothing oasis.

We curate collections with timeless pieces. No woman should have to compromise quality, comfort, or style.

Jon Hargett


Jon is a multi-disciplined photographer based in KCMO. His current focus is supporting models and the local fashion community while discovering his own creative voice.

Pricing & Packages

Hourly Rate

This option is great for brands that have more sporadic/occasional photography needs. Great for one off sessions or quick pick up shots or lifestyle images for items

$200/hr minimum

Monthly Retainer

This option is great for brands who are needing reoccurring photography coverage. Brands with e-commerce needs typically go this route.

Custom $500-$800/m Offer

Collection Editorial

This is a more niche option for brands looking to do a big collection drop. This is an all encompassing package of lifestyle, e-commerce, and editorial imagery all under one creative-cohesive theme/production.

Per Collection Basis

Photography Styles/Categories


E-Commerce images are all about the garments for customer viewing. This is less about how the model looks or poses, but how the clothing is being highlighted.


Lifestyle images are all about putting the customer's POV into your clothing/lifestyle that you intended the clothes be worn in. Poses and overall emotional tone should match/express your message to the customer


Editorial images are where creativity and unconventional posing, lighting, and general production come into play. Editorial images should feel like a dramatized or fantasized version of your vision for each piece/collection.

General Discussion Notes

Ideal Shoot Days

Monday or Tuesdays are typically the best days for me as I dedicate Wednesdays and Thursdays to Beyond Egreis. However, that is only for the main work day hours, if there is an evening that you'd need/like to do a shoot on either of those days, it can always be discussed.

Photoshoot Monthly Structure

Similar to how I shoot at Beyond Egreis, I'd recommend one week for the in house studio e-commerce work, then one week for the lifestyle, editorial, IG shoots on rotation.

Add-ons Available

Commercial Video

Content Creator BTS

General BTS

On set assistants

Mood for Images

Light hearted, warm, fun expressions and posing.

(mood board TBD)

Let me know if you have any further Questions!

I do truly want to support you as best that I can within comfortable means. Please know that this is a safe space for conversation and questions no matter where we are within our partnership/collaborative journey.

I thank you again for your time and consideration!

All the Best,