The Video Inspiration

The Leharr Collection & Santi Homme Event

Thank you for your interest!

Welcome to the casting brief for the Leharr Collection and Santi Homme Creative Event!

Please review this brief in its entirety before signing up for casting in the form provided at the end of the brief.

I, like many photographers, understand that the perfect photo isn't solely taken, but is in fact produced by a team of creatives. In light of my goals to bring the creative community more value through creative workshops and events, I want to start a series of events revolving around local boutiques and designers. I want these events to be an opportunity for creatives to step into the "industry standard" environments intended to push their creativity in a time sensitive and team oriented manner.

I hope that this event will give me, and the other creatives involved, the opportunity to grow and expand our portfolios all while supporting local designers and boutiques.

Directing Team

Leharr Collection

Our Female Model Stylist


Santi Homme

Our Male Model Stylist


Greg Rubbert

Videographer - DP


Jon Hargett

Lead Photographer/2nd Video - Event Director


Featured Photographers

Group Breakdowns

Creatives will be divided up into 3 groups: 1 photographer, 1 videographer, up to 2 assistants per group. Starting pairings will be determined by Jon once Model Castings have been completed


Editorial | Creative | Off-Camera Flash


Naomi Read

Editorial | Creative | Natural Light


Featured Videographers

(Place holders, will be filled by creative sign up)

J Todd

Editorial | Commercial | Lifestyle

Spot To Be Filled

I am currently awaiting confirmation from my first selected creative, however, if you are a videographer/videography crew that would be interested in filling this spot, please fill out the form below to be considered!

On Set Assistants positions open! Looking for 6 Assistants

The on set assistants will be given crew position experience and opportunity to photograph at the end of pod sessions!

Many of the best creators have experience being within the crew under creatives that inspire them. By observing, supporting, and contributing your ideas, you'll find new perspectives and appreciation for the various roles present on higher production shoots. You may even form a new creative partnership and learn new skills!

The Objective

1) Create 2-3 kinds of content packages for Leharr and Santi

  • A) Styling/fitting/selection in Boutique (if applicable)
  • B) Photography Session
  • C) Promotional Commercial/Reels

2) Create Editorial Imagery for Leharr and Santi, and creatives portfolios.

3) Provide BTS and Reels content of the shoot for all parties involved

4) If time allows, have a review/testimonial portion of the video for both the stylist and model

What the Creative Gets

1) Opportunity for bridal portraits with Leharr and Santi gowns and suits - 10 gowns/suits total (4 female, 6 male)

2) Opportunity to work in a commercial, time sensitive environment to improve overall preparation and efficiency.

3) Opportunity to have work featured commercially

4) Opportunity to have BTS for personal content if desired

5) If time allows, have a review/testimonial portion from models and stylist for web, personal, and marketing use.

6) Opportunity for Licensing Fees

What the Boutique Gets

1) 2.5 Hour Shoot with Jon and his creative Team and model network

3) Editorial Photo set of looks selected from Jon and Photographers

4) BTS Video content from Greg, and Jon (during the styling/portrait portions)

5) Boutique video and imagery (if applicable/desired)

6) A featured playlist on YouTube with full links in description (if applicable/desired)

What the Model Gets

1) 1 Looks courtesy of Leharr and/or Santi with images from each photographer

2) Digital copies of each finished product for their portfolio use

3) A Full gallery of Editorial images for your portfolio as well as first picks for IG posting

3) BTS Highlights from Greg, and Jon (during the styling/portrait portion if applicable)

4) A featured playlist on YouTube with full links in description (if applicable)

Licensing Fees

An element I am introducing to this event is the introduction of Licensing Fees. Aside from your requested deliverables, creatives have the opportunity to watermark their images for potential licensing from our commercial clients. The licensing fee will be a pre-set flat rate across all creatives that the designers can purchase your watermarked images for.

General Shoot Itinerary

Date: July 22, 2023

Location: Unity Village (We will meet at the location shared below)

Address: 1901 NW Blue Pkwy Unity Village, MO 64065

General Time Frame: Late Afternoon into Golden Hour Evening total 2.5 hours (Times will be finalized asap! but looking at 5-7:30pm)

Unity Arts Ministry

Current Shooting Structure

(Time structures per creative will be changed as needed to provide optimal content time with everyone)

I strongly recommend each photographer to have a shot list ready and to reach out to each group of models and vice versa.

Photography Portion

Each creative will have the opportunity to photograph each group of models. How they choose to split your time amongst your model group is entire up to them. This allows for more individuality per creative and model group.

Videography Portion

Videographers will be encouraged to film BTS style during the photography portion, but will also get a portion of time to be the primary director of the modeling group. This allows for team building experience, and the opportunity to create and execute shot lists.

On Set Assistants Portion

Every creative pod will have a minimum of 1-2 assistants present to ensure both models and creatives have water and snacks as they need, and to act as extra hands for either bouncing light, blocking light, checking gowns and hair etc.

Additionally, There will be a portion of time in each pod towards the end of their time that our assistants will have an opportunity to shoot/work with the models.

Photo Mood Board


To our female models, Chetna will be your primary contact.

Please contact Chetna for any questions


To our male models, Neil will be your primary contact.

Please contact Neil for any questions


Jon will be the direct contact revolving around all things creative with this event. If you have any questions about this event at all, feel free to reach out to me via Email, email is the best way for me to stay organized lol, or use the form below to set up a time for a quick meet and greet via face time to go through things!


Interested in Modeling, Assisting, or Creating?

We are excited that you are interested in our creative event!

All interested models will need to fill out the form to the best of their abilities and will be asked to provide a headshot within the follow up email.

For those looking to be an assistant, firstly thank you, secondly you'll need to provide similar information and let us know if you hope to create during the assistants section

For those looking to potentially fill the video creator position, please provide a link to your portfolio and/or demo reel.