Hello, Madison/Flitch Team!

We are excited to connect with you!

As we enter into a new era of By Egreis, we are excited to revamp our photography studio spaces! Jon has spoken well of your work and we look forward to seeing how our paths may align.

But first, an introduction!

By Egreis Team

(Current Team, if designated team changes I will update the brief accordingly)

Egreis Gjergjani

Founder of By Egreis

Mahiomy De La Cruz

Project Manager

Jon Hargett

Photography Manager

By Egreis

By Egreis is a brand designed by women to celebrate women. A brand that believes fashion is all about being yourself and clothing is a self-expression that comes from within. Our brand draws its strength, creativity, and inspiration from the qualities of a woman that make them a strong, invincible and an empowering figure in society.


Madison Flitch Team

(Current Team, if designated team changes I will update the brief accordingly)

John Pryor

Founder of Madison Flitch

Justine Gelbolinga



  • Discuss photography backdrop creation on a editorial/collection basis
  • Discuss product showcasing in photography studio sets for prop/sale
  • Partnership opportunities with studio

Photography Backdrops

As illustrated in the mood board below, we are looking to incorporate a clean, minimalistic set with hints of shape/texture for our main collection drops. This would be our largest build/set of builds.

After our brand focused build, we would be looking to create additional backdrops and furnishings/props for our other studio areas

Product Showcasing

Madison Stitch Products:

We would be open to discussing how we can include your handmade leather goods within our product shoots and general photo space. We plan to incorporate product photography and general photography sets for creatives to utilize within their shoots/creative events

Madison Flitch Products:

We would additionally be open to discussing how we can incorporate your furniture in our backdrops, as well as our general studio space. These furnishings can be decor and lounge pieces open to sell, or as on set props for creatives to utilize.

Partnership Opportunities

We'd love to see what options may be open to us for continued partnership with you and your team. Whether it's solely with By Egreis, or with the general studio space, we'd be happy to explore these options with you. We'd also open the studio space for you and your creative team for any branding images you may need.