Hey there!

Below is a collection of a small handful of talented graphic artist and creatives within the greater KC and MO creative community for you to explore and follow at your leisure.

Thaovy  /tha-ow-vē/


Thaovy (she/her) born in Phan Thiết, Vietnam, has spent most of her life growing up in Kansas City, Missouri. She is a first-generation Vietnamese American and is a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Thaovy started her career as an artist around the same year as she started her self-love journey and is meshing both into one.

From the struggles that she has overcome, simply from her identity alone, she has created a space called TVWT where minds alike can come together and indulge in self-love through the practice of play, expression, and creation.

Hoping to inspire others to create freely and love deeply - by purchasing a piece of her art or engaging in her episodes, you support the movement of practicing art as a way of building your relationship with self.

Afton Lin


Hey! I'm Afton, an illustrator, model + actress, and filmmaker based in KC. My illustration style is vibrant, expressive, and fun and my work focuses on narrative, editorial, and graphic imagery. Recently, I've worked with the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to create illustrations for their Monet Exhibition and RW2 to create a commercial for Tiki Taco. I've acted in various commercials with brands including Hallmark, Intel, Wendy's, and Dairy Queen through my agent ExposureKC.

Dulcinea Herrera


From the vibrant landscapes of New Mexico and now calling Kansas City home, the talented artist Dulcinea Herrera embarked on her creative journey since she was a child. Drawing inspiration from her rich blend of Argentinian, Mexican, and Mescalero Apache heritage, she skillfully weaves a visual narrative that celebrates the resilience and strength of people of color.

Dulcinea's artistic repertoire is as diverse as her cultural roots. Her work effortlessly traverses the realms of abstract art, vivid still life paintings, innovative website design, and captivating digital design. With a passion for exploring the multifaceted dimensions of art, she invites us on a mesmerizing voyage through her world of creativity.