Hi Evgenia!

Thank you for your interest in being a stylist vendor for The Model Project Center!

I hope that The Model Project Center (MPC) and my model list can provide you with new/increased traffic to your business. The MPC can also provide you opportunity to cast models for specific looks or designs that you are wanting to explore/practice.

Models will be looking to benefit from an additional 15% off my portrait pricing with proof of purchase from your business. This means you do not have to discount your prices in any way. I encourage you to charge your full price You can determine what your proof of purchase may be. I would also recommend having a "before shoot" service price and "on shoot" service price to allow for more opportunity for yourself!

A reminder that this is NOT a contract. This is simply an agreement for mutual support. I am not guaranteeing sales, I am guaranteeing that I will put your services in front of my models and audience. You can ask to detach from The MPC at any time if you feel it no longer benefits you

Between the lines is what your "Stylist Vendor" block will look like on Project pages. I will currently be showcasing you in the "Projects for Fundamentals - Nails" project.

Evgenia Hoth Nails - Preferred Stylist Vendor

Hi, I’m Evgenia. I’m a licensed esthetician and massage therapist but always had a passion for nails, especially acrylics and gel nails. So now, I’ve made my dream come true and want to get better and better at it, specifically in nail design. I would love to have you as a customer of mine and build a long-lasting relationship!

Nail Maintenance., Nail Tips., Gel and Shellac Manicure., Acrylic Overlay., Nail Art., Massage, Hot Wax, and Oil Treatments.
*Acrylic and Nail Art*

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Marketing Announcement Guide

After images have been sent, I will create an announcement IG post for us to be Collaborators on. You are encouraged to share and push people to join the project. If you have a specific design you are wanting to push, we can also find a way to feature that design in the announcement as well!

Here are the two Announcement Posts

Official Service Form

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. I will then create a mock up page for you to view before posting any marketing or public project pages. I will also send a follow up email so that you may provide the needed images of your work and bio.

If I missed any services that you offer please list them here!