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The Quality We Can Offer

To the FlexPro Meals Team

Thank you so much for your time and consideration for content creation for your business!

You all have personally treated me so well and I am more than happy to offer my services to support your business journey and needs!

This proposal is simply that, a proposal that is flexible for conversation and negotiation on content and budget needs. Below you will find detailed information of what new options I have to offer, as well as a contact form at the bottom of the proposal to communicate your desired option(s)

I truly am thankful and so excited to help capture content for you!

Also, I apologize for the delay here! Been trying to catch up so that I can give this my full attention



This current version of the proposal is only visible to those of us that met for our initial consultation: Cafe Corazon, Dulci, and Jon. After there is an agreed upon proposal, I will be updating this brief to reflect what requests have been made/content to be covered.

This will then be our main resource to reference throughout our content partnerships.

No Team, No Problem

When I came to you before, I had a team behind me. This fluctuated pricing and potential for coverage. Due to shifts in direction within my personal and professional life, I will no longer be operating in a team setting. I will be your main content for all production moving forward. I'm confident my skillset alone will be able to meet your needs as they evolve.

Jon Hargett

Whether it's photography or videography, I will be here to discuss all aspects of production as you need. I am incredibly flexible and am open to any creative liberties you and your team may have. After all, this is your content and I want you to be happy with it! If there is ever a time I need to bring an additional videographer we can discuss operation then. However, I should be able to handle the majority of your needs alone.

I have updated the link below as well
Password: #JHPbusiness22

See Portfolio

General Content Itineraries

(This will be updated per shoot, for now, here is an example of what an Itinerary could look like day of the shoot)

Date: 2022

Location: Your Restaurant

Address: TBD

Restaurant Number: TBD

Jon's Contact: (913)-745-9098

(All times are estimations made during our first consultation and are up for discussion. clarification, and changes as the partnership continues)

*Example Schedule for 5 Menu Items and Video Day*

8am - Arrival and Setup, get menu items started

8:30am - Start Menu Item Photography

  • Solo Item
  • Group Items

9:30am- Start Menu Item wrap/clean and clear for Video

10am - Start Setup for video

  • Audio Test
  • Lighting changes

10:15am - Start interview portions

11am - Wrap all interviews and start BTS

11:30am - Wrap Video

12pm - Closing checklist and shoot wrap

New Creative Content Packages

As I've adapted to being a solo creative for these ventures, I've constructed some new content packages that I believe will have a more defined direction/structure for businesses to utilize more effectively for their promotional needs. I am also always open to new ideas that you may have or want to try and experiment with! There is no such thing as a bad idea, and almost every idea is always worth trying once.

The 9-up

$400 $200

The 9-up is a powerful and flexible creative package. The general idea is that I create 9 pieces of promotional content revolving either one menu/drink item or general theme/event. The example shown revolves around the launch of a new menu item. These were posted throughout either the day or the week on instagram with various areas for call to action from our community. Any of these could be a stand alone post as well. One way to utilize the 9-up would be to introduce any holiday drinks or first Friday Vendors throughout the week. There are many ways to use this design, if you have any questions we can most certainly talk through them!

Video Promotion

Captivate KC is doing a great job! but just in case:
1-2 Videographer (dependent on project)
B-roll/BTS footage of store/operations
Instagram Reel Content (3-5 videos)
Int./Ext. Store Footage Included
Promo (includes interview/cinematic storytelling)

BTS/Reels-$100/Full Promo-$300

Real Estate Photos of Locations

(Gear Dependent)
Images per location: minimum 30 HDR images
1 Photographer
1-1.5 hrs photo time, 1 sunrise, 1 twilight
1 video walkthrough of interior
1 Hero edit of exterior
24-48hr photo turnaround

$100 per location

Team Headshots

If you're looking to update your team member headshots, I do those too! Though I personally prefer off camera flash, I can provide both a natural and artificial cohesive set of headshots for you and your team

$25 per person

Monthly Package

Two 9-ups per month
Instagram Reel and Photo content
First Fridays Content BTS
First Fridays Instagram Coverage


As discussed at our consultation, I am more than happy to discuss and negotiate budget. This is the ideal budget for myself for the time and bundles included, but don't hesitate to express any changes you'd like to make/need!

Payment Plans Available

Equal Weekly/Bi-weekly

From the day the proposal is accepted, we take the weeks of the month to equally split the cost to help lighten the load and make it easier on your potential budget by spreading out the deposit.

Ex. Monthly Bundle: $600

4 Weeks = $150

Bi-Weekly = $300

40-40-20 Split

The 40-40-20 Split is a 40% deposit up front, 40% day of content creation, and the final 20% once the content has been delivered.

Ex. Monthly Content Bundle - $600

40% up front- $240

40% on first day of content capture - $240

20% on Delivery - $120

Pay in Full

This is a more rare option that we see, but it has happened! Paying in full upfront secures our team in getting all the gear and materials necessary to prepare for your Content Day. This option allows for bonus images and other add-ons as thank you for your generosity.

Custom Payment Plans

If you do not see a payment plan that fits your needs, feel free to select the "custom payment plan" option in the form at the bottom of this proposal and I'd be happy to work with you on options that suit you best!

The Content Ratio

Content ratios help us determine the best approach of who and what for each project you may need.

Below is an example of what a ratio could look like

60% - Photo

The majority of your deliverables will be Photography based. Photographer's needs in regards to content will be primary to that of the videographers. Throughout your day be sure to familiarize yourself with our photography team and get them in contact with you Point of Contact for the day to help with direction. We will prioritize time for Photography and get that content captured first.


40% - Video

Though a lower percentage in value, you will receive 100% in quality and effort! This just means that in regards to director priority, you'll hear less from the videographer throughout the day. We will be capturing in a more subtle and candid way while being mindful of the photography team. Video content will be given a smaller portion of time for the day.

Menu Update Shoots

Menu Updates

Menu Updates are sporadic, yet important, and we understand that!
Our goals for our menu shoots revolve around providing a variety of content to span across several platforms in media. We will have a basic shot list that covers the most common kinds of media needs that we see in the market today.

From Web, Print, and Social Media, you'll receive a full gallery of images with categorized tabs for easier navigation and access.

Lighting Options

Natural Light

Natural light is the most time efficient lighting option. It also provides a sense of comfort, relatability, and nostalgia when used properly.

Off Camera Flash

Off-Camera Flash is use for crisp detail in shape and dimension in your imagery. You can use this kind of lighting setup to show emphasis. This usually requires more space to utilize fully.

Example Shotlist

Tabletop View

This shot is great for setting a scene that highlights the variety of options you have to offer. We'll work with the colors available to arrange and direct eyes to explore as we'd like them to. We do have wide angled lenses available to capture up to 10 items, dependent on plat sizing of course.

Drink Features

New drink options are always so exciting! I have yet to have a drink from your menu that wasn't innovative and refreshing! These images focus around telling a story through either ingredients or lifestyle imagery. The drink is the feature, the moment is the highlight.

Product Placement

The classic commercial take on highlighting an item through product placement

Square Details

Everyone loves a nice, crisp, close up on food. Cropped for Instagram and ready for posting out of the box.

These are just a few examples of what kinds of angles, approaches, and overall result of images you can ask for.

We are also very open to any sort of inspiration and direction you had envisioned/are trying to achieve.

Contact & Proposal Form

Now that you have had some time to review your proposal, use this form to communicate any and all questions, comments, or concerns that you may have! This is a safe space to express yourself and really make sure that you are getting the coverage you desire for your business. After your form is reviewed, I will be updating this brief with a custom proposal based on items selected for you to review before we lock in the service.