Streetwear, T-shirts, hoodies, and hats

Sun Flower Brand Collection

Sunflower Brand is for the ones with an infectious attitude about life, that love to have fun and have a good time.

This is a Paid Opportunity

*Payment determined by Brand*

Thank you for confirming your spot for 5.21.23!

Now that you've confirmed, it's your responsibility to read through this brief and have everything you need for yourself and the shoot before you arrive on set. Use our shared group message for any further questions. As a confirmed model Sun Flower Brand will be compensating you $40/hr for your time and talent.

Max - Designer and Owner of Sun Flower Brand

Max will be the final say for all things direction. Be open and ready to follow his guidance

Sam - Social Media Manager and video for Sun Flower Brand

Sam will be directing all of the social media reels and BTS. Be open and ready to take his direction and answer any questions he may need

Jon - Photographer

Jon will be directing your photography. His creative direction is a combination of posed and candid. Listen for minor tweaks of poses and overall creative action and direction. If you have any personal preferences when modeling be sure to voice them to Jon prior to shooting

General Shoot Itinerary

Date: Sunday, May 21st, 2023

Location 1: Stuart Hall Lofts

Address: 2121 Central St apt 320, Kansas City, MO 64108

Location 2: Nearby field (probably up near Liberty Memorial)

Address: 2 Memorial Dr, Kansas City, MO 64108

Jon's Contact: (913)-745-9098

Max's Contact: (913)-449-3790

(Aside from arrival, all times are estimations and are up for discussion and clarification)

1) Everyone arrives at Stuart Hall at/around 9:45am-9:55am for studio

2) Models start their fitting or styling - Start photos at 10am

3) Travel break at 10:50am and aim to arrive at Liberty Memorial: 11:00am

4) Models start their fitting or styling - Start photos at 11:10am

5) Wrap by noon

2121 Central St apt 320 Kansas City, MO 64108


You have a few options for parking, choose whichever suits you best!

Free options:

Street side where legal, just don't park near the fire hydrants. There is street parking in front, behind, and down a block in front of Piper Lofts that you can park at as well. If you park at Piper or are on the backside of the building, message in the group and I'll come let you

Paid Parking:

There is a parking garage at the end of the block that is at max $10. It is a covered parking garage and the most safe option.

Entry into the Building

When you arrive, you'll find glass doors with a purple tablet next to it. You'll gain access using this tablet by doing the following:

  • Use the shared virtual key "014046" to gain access to the building.
  • You can use the directory to look up "Jonathan Hargett" and I'll be able to buzz you in.
  • Once inside the building look left to find the elevator and head up to the 3rd floor. 320 will be the first door on the right.

Model Selection for Both Indoor and Outdoor Sessions

Emanual Murry

Studio & Outdoor

Size: Large


Gabrielle Kill

Studio & Outdoor

Size: Medium


Pants to Pack

Bring a combination of Jeans, Khaki, Chinos etc. If you can include a few color options that would be great too! Also bring Shorts options!

Shoes to Pack

Bring 1 pair of casual shoes, canvas preferably like converse or vans or similar in neutral color and one pair of your choice that goes well with the pant options you're bringing

*Original Brief Below*

Studio Color Pop Series - $40/hr - 1hr session

This series of looks will be focused on color pop for the collection

In the Clouds Series - $40/hr - 1hr session

This series will be focused around the airiness and motion in jumping.


1) The main objective is to capture the designated collection that aligns with Sun Flower's brand and brand needs. Most important factor is to have a fun, loose photo shoot that captures the vibe. Be Yourself!

2) We will be shooting individual full body shots, editorial as well as quick video clips for social media. Expressions and poses should showcase the garment as well as provide a lifestyle vibe

3) We will also do duo posing in some products

Your Steps

1) After viewing the project brief, fill out the form at the bottom of the page indicating which project you would like to sign up for.

2) After signing up, you will either receive a confirmation email if you have been selected for the project, or an email informing you otherwise and what other opportunities may await you.

3) If you are selected for the projects, you will be given a direct link to your project brief.

4) Review the project brief in full and fill out the necessary forms to indicate that you are free and available to shoot within the itinerary listed. For any paid opportunities, this MUST be filled out.

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