Hello, Swift Weddings Team!

It's a pleasure to connect with you!

I appreciate your time and consideration for subcontracted Wedding Photography work for the year of 2024 and onwards. Consider this page a snapshot to my work, my general approach to weddings, and my current gear list. If you have any further questions regarding anything covered here, I welcome you to fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Jon is a Client focused portrait photographer with 10+ years of experience both in and out of studio/commercial settings. The majority of his creative coverage revolves around client work in a variety of industries. Jon's primary focus during Weddings however, is to ensure that the Client experiences a smooth, stress-free celebration. Though the imagery is important, experiencing the moment is even more so. Outside of the Bridal Portraits section of the day, you can expect a more candid capture approach.

Jon Hargett


General Consultation Notes

Thaddeus and I had a great call covering the general notes regarding this opportunity. There was obviously much to cover, but below are some general notes for reference

Opportunity Duration

We discussed looking at doing a couple of "trial" weddings to see if the work frequency would overlap with my personal wedding coverage opportunities. If we decide to continue forward, we'd be looking at 6 month intervals of sub contractual agreement/calendar availability. Renewable per discretion of either party.

Wedding Coverage

8hr Packages

Consultation Days are included and required.

Travel up to 1-2 hours out of KCMO


Hourly rate of $75/hr

Mileage for Gas and Travel

Past Wedding/Elopement Work

(Both Natural and Off Camera Flash, the majority of the weddings I photograph now are natural light based)

Current Gear List


Canon 5D Mk II

  • Full Frame
  • 21 Megapixels
  • Canon EF lens Mount
  • Compact Flash Memory


  • Canon "Nifty 50" 50mm - F/1.8
  • Canon 75-300mm F/4-F/5.6 (No IS)


Off Camera Flash:

  • Paul C Buff Einstein 650s (Not wireless)
  • Westcott L Octabox (4ft)
  • Neewer Universal Transmitter and Receiver


  • Canon 430 EXIII-RT (AA Batteries)

Rental Location

Lights On Kansas City is a local film and media rental service. Depending on the wedding details, I have the capability to rent from them to accommodate the various wedding environments.

Contact Me

I thank you once again for your time and consideration! Please use the following form for any further response, questions, comments, or concerns.