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Beside every great photographer, is an even greater digital re-toucher.

For as many years as I've been a photographer, I have yet to truly grasp the art of re-touching to a level that I feel comfortable providing my clients. Thankfully, I am fortunate to know many talented creatives who are not only passionate about their work, but willing to support my passion as well. Gabe is one of those creatives.

Gabe and I worked together during our time at Cilento Photography. As a photographer, I would handle the basic editing and cropping, but any retouching would be handed over to our editing team. Over time we found ourselves collaborating more frequently, eventually leading to developing creative concepts and lighting experiments in our downtime.

After a couple years of refining our skills, we have teamed back up to provide you with the quality images you deserve.



Jon Hargett

I'm a photographer based in Olathe, KS who specializes in portrait photography. I started my creative journey as an amateur film maker. I was lucky enough to meet a number of amazing friends who supported my first steps into the world of visual media; this would alter the path of my life in more ways than I could ever imagine, eventually leading me to where I am today.

Though I am traditionally trained, I love capturing candid moments. I think everyone has so much natural beauty and I enjoy capturing it

My Creative journey (Coming soon)

Gabe Alejos

I’m a creative who loves all things design. I have experience with photography, graphic design, web development, and photo editing. I have had many opportunities to learn from wonderfully creative people along the way and I use this knowledge to help me bring your images to life.

My goal is to take the wonderful images that Jon provides and give them a little spark that makes them last forever.

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