Angel Series Collaboration

After being introduced to both Kyndra's Angel wings and Anne's floral work I found myself incredibly inspired. I've always been one to let ideas sit in my head and think "yeah, that'd be nice" but this year I really want to take these ideas on and I'm so grateful that you all are open to collaborating on some of these ideas!

As you go through this brief, know that these are all fairly RAW ideas and are open to changes and any suggestions we may have together. I encourage your ideas! I will leave the angel and floral design selections and choices to their respective artists as well, use this as a platform for expression and promotion.

As a reminder, I do want to try and pay everyone for this if I can, as best I can!

In Collaboration With

Kyndra Jade

Our Stylist


Anne Thorne

Our Floralist


The Objective

1) Create a 2-3 part video revolving around the creative and collaborative process:

  • A) Styling/fitting/selection in Boutique
  • B) Photography Session
  • C) Promotional Commercial/Reels

2) Create Editorial Imagery for The One Rack, and creatives portfolios.

3) Provide BTS and Reels content of the shoot for all parties involved

4) If time allows, have a review/testimonial portion of the video for both the stylist and model

What the Boutique Gets

1) 1-2 Hour Shoot with Jon and his creative Team and model network

3) Editorial Photo set of looks selected from Jon

4) BTS Video content from Greg, and Jon (during the styling/portrait portions)

5) Boutique space video and imagery (if applicable)

6) A feature on TheKcCreatives (post, story, reel) If you'd like!

7) A featured playlist on YouTube with full links in description

What the Model Gets

1) 1 Look courtesy of The One Rack and images from Jon and potential collective

2) Digital copies of each finished product for their portfolio use

3) A Full gallery of Editorial images for your portfolio as well as first picks for IG posting (minimum of 10 images)

3) BTS Highlights from Greg, and Jon (during the styling/portrait portion)

4) A feature on TheKcCreatives (post, story, reel)

5) A featured playlist on YouTube with full links in description

Concept List

Healing in the Wreckage

This concept revolves around honoring a lost friend to a car accident. I image a car in the woods, doors opened with a flood of flowers coming out of the driver side door and onto the ground. We'd have the angel take on a yearning and almost weirdly nostalgic characteristic. Thinking back on their life and coming to peace with the place they transitioned over. I imagine both interior and exterior posing around the car. Ethereal feeling. Woods would be nice.

Past Lives

Two angels revisit their childhood home that was presumedly lost to a fire. They travel around the house reminiscing and watching over their past selves (assuming we can find younger models). We'd be renting a victorian house for a couple of hours and can do various scenarios around the house.

Nature's Angel

This would be a social commentary on the mother nature wandering amongst the concrete jungles we've created. We'll stage things to look like wherever she steps there are flowers and plant growth. To keep things simple we'd pick 3 locations and then just work around that set as much as we can.