Dear Edrea and Mack,

Congratulations on a new and exciting milestone in your love story!

I know that there are a plethora of options when it comes to photography and video, and it truly means so much that you are trusting me with your videography. I can assure you that your wedding day will have moments and memories captured that you'll cherish throughout the years!

This proposal is meant to serve as a snapshot of your day and our plans for coverage.

You'll be able to find all your information regarding your content plan, who will be covering what and where, which payment option and plan you'd like to accept etc.

At the end of this prompt there will be a form that you can use to help inform me of a narrowed selection of package options, as well as ask me any further questions or voice any negotiations that you may have.

As stated in our call, I am here for you and I truly am thankful and so excited to capture your big day!



This current version of the proposal is now visible to all parties involved: Edrea, Mack, Greg and Jon.

This will then be our main resource for my team and I to reference throughout the day.

The Team

(Click on images for websites and portfolios)

Jon Hargett

Whether I am leading your photography, or leading your videography, I will be present in all areas of creative management throughout the production process. My main focuses are going to be capturing images with a wider lens, aiming to create images that encompass the entire moment. These will pair well with the intimate shots my team will capture.

See Portfolio

Greg Rubbert

Greg is my right hand in Videography. I trust them in not only capturing your day thoughtfully and beautifully, but I also trust them to lead, direct, and get us through the day in a mannerly way when needed.


See Portfolio

General Wedding Itinerary

(Reviewing Google Doc this weekend and updating)

Date: September 10th, 2022

Location(s): (Insert Church Name in the additional notes/messages in the form at the end of the brief)

Ceremony Address: (Insert Church Address in the additional notes/message in the form at the end of the brief)

Reception Address: 20299 Quivira Rd Bucyrus, KS 66013

Jon's Contact: (913)-745-9098

Bridal Party POC: TBD

(All times are estimations made during our first consultation and are up for discussion. clarification, and changes as the year goes on)

First Look

12:00pm - 12:30pm - Bride and Father First Look


1:30pm - Arrival to Church

2:00pm - Ceremony Start


(If you would like any video done during your bridal portraits, feel free to ask!)

6pm - Reception Start

TBD - Bride and Groom Entrance and First Dance

TBD - Cake Cutting

TBD - Speeches and Dinner

  • Father Speeches x2
  • Best Man
  • Maid of Honor

TBD - Wedding Jeopardy?

Your Wedding Package Breakdown

Custom Video Coverage

1 Videographer
4-6 hrs coverage
1-3 minute highlight video
ceremony video
speeches video
dance video


Custom Add-ons

1 Additional Videographer (split day coverage)
Friends and Family Discount (Through Dani)

$200 Off

Grand Total: $800 with Discount

Paid In Full

Payment for Greg on the 9th

The Content Ratio

0% - Photo

Though a there is no photography requests for this wedding, this doesn't mean we wouldn't be able to snap a candid here and there. Feel free to grab any of our creatives if you need a photo and your photographer is not around!


100% - Video

The majority of your deliverables will be Videography based. Throughout your day be sure to familiarize yourself with our videography team and get them in contact with you Point of Contact for the day to help ease your stress throughout the day.

Wedding Highlight Video Examples

Click the link below to review a couple of past highlight videos and testimonials throughout the years!

Your video will be similar but met at the emotional tone that you mentioned during consultation (upbeat)

See Video Samples

Contact & Proposal Form

Now that you have had some time to review your proposal, use this form to communicate any and all questions, comments, or concerns that you may have! This is a safe space to express yourself and really make sure that you are getting the coverage you desire for your big day.