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A rundown of what this is all about

Welcome to the Exclusive Meetup List

Meet-ups have been one of the largest sources of networking opportunities here in KC and I owe a great deal to them. My aim is to create meet-ups based around local businesses that guarantee opportunity for commercial publishing and exposure for both the model and the creatives involved by focusing on creating marketing material for these companies at a more affordable cost.

What Makes These Meetups Different?

Focus on Time

These meetups are structured to help creatives become more time sensitive, as the industry tends to be. Each creative will have a designated time with each model or group of models to create the content they believe will support these Commercial Brands. By creating on a time restraint, it teaches the importance of creating shot lists, hitting your posing, providing clear direction and communication on and off set, and much more.

Focus on Quality

With the context of creating directly for Commercial Brands, every creative involved is bringing their best work forward. Brands have a level of quality for both creatives and models to meet for their web and social media posting. My hope is that these postings and publications can be notables on your modeling portfolio within different markets you may be pursuing.


Photographers will have opportunities to work with stylings they may not normally have access to. They'll have an opportunity to practice photographing for a Commercial Brand's vision and overall aesthetic, as well as pitch their creative style to these brands through their deliverables.


From short form media, to full blown commercial ads, videographers have the opportunity to direct the models to fit their vision and the Commercial Brand's creative needs.


Models will get experience being styled and fulfilling Commercial Brand needs. They'll be exposed to working with a variety of professional creative direction as well as the opportunity to observe their creative colleagues in action.

Shoot to Brand Needs

We all have our own creative styles, and those shouldn't go unnoticed! However, most lucrative services within the commercial market revolving around understanding the needs of Commercial Brands. What is their Brand Identity? What is their Brand Message? How can my creativity fall in line with these? These are the questions I want each creative to ask themselves when they are considering signing up for these meetups

Build Connections, Get Paid (Ideally)

Networking in any form is beneficial, big or small. I hope that these meetups will give brands new talent pools to reach out for more content creation and marketing needs. With these being commercial clients, there should be no question in if you would be paid for your future opportunities.

I will do everything in my power to get payment out for these meetups, but I can't promise I'll land a payment for all of these meetups.

Past Meet-ups

Current Meet-up Line-up