Congratulations on a new and exciting milestone in your love story!

I know that there are a plethora of options when it comes to photography and video, and it truly means so much that you are trusting me with your images. I can assure you that what we capture on your wedding day will be moments and memories you'll cherish throughout the years!

This proposal is meant to serve as a snapshot of your day and our plans for coverage.

You'll be able to find all your information regarding who will be covering what and where during your big day, which payment option and plan you'd like to accept etc.

At the end of this prompt there will be a form that you can use to help inform me of a narrowed selection of packages, payment plans, as well as ask me any further questions that you may have or provide me with further information on your wedding itinerary.

I truly am thankful and so excited to be considered to capture your big day!



This current version of the proposal is only visible to those of us that met for our initial consultation: Bethany, Meagan, Heather, and Jon. After there is an agreed upon proposal, I will be updating this brief and sharing it with all parties involved. This will then be our main resource for my team and I to reference throughout the day.

The Team

(Click on images for websites and portfolios)

Jon Hargett

Whether I am leading your photography, or leading your videography, I will be present in all areas of creative management as well as present on highlight and important moments throughout the day. My main focuses are going to be capturing with a wider lens, aiming to create images that encompass the entire moment.

See Portfolio

Additional Creative Team when Needed

Greg Rubbert

Videographer - DP (he/him)


Greg is my trusted videographer. He has incredible talent in capturing moments in a way that match the emotions being experienced. His experience in capturing video portraits will ensure that your moments captured are beautifully composed. Greg's focus would be on capturing the tighter angles and crops throughout the day.

Isabel Tignor

2nd Photographer (she/her)


Isabel is a talented photographer who is great at capturing emotion and story telling. She is an experienced second shooter and has some weddings under her belt. She would be working in tangent with Jon and be focusing on the groom throughout the ceremony.

General Wedding Itinerary

This is an example itinerary

As we move forward with the planning process, we will update times, locations, and other information as it best reflects your day so that we can all be on the same page!

Date: September 22, 2023

Meagan and Cameron

Location: Alexander Majors Barn

Address: 8201 State Line KC, MO 64114

Event Space Number: (xxx)-xxx-xxxx

Jon's Contact: (913)-745-9098

Bridal Party POC: TBD (xxx)-xxx-xxxx

(All times are estimations made during our first consultation and are up for discussion. clarification, and changes as the year goes on)

Wedding starts at 6pm, we will update this itinerary after our call

Getting Ready

8am - Start time for Make-up for Mom

9:15am - hair and makeup/getting ready

10:45am - reading of vows

11:30am - First Look


1pm - Catholic Prayer and ceremony prep

1:15pm - Ceremony - Mic'd up

~2pm - Ceremony End

1.5 hour portrait and family session: bride and groom, bridal party, groom family, bride family, group photo


5pm - Cocktail hour

6pm - Bridal Party Entry

6:10pm - Dinner

~ 7pm - Bride and Groom Games:

  • stand up, sit down
  • bouquet toss
  • lightsaber battle?
  • First Dance
  • Father Daughter Dance
  • Mother Son Dance
  • Cake cutting/cupcakes
  • Bridal Party Dance off

Below will be information regarding your venue(s)

In preparation for your big day, I will be reaching out to your venues for floor plans and tours to best inform my team. This will also give you an idea on how we plan on capturing your day just in case you have special walk or entry plans that you want us to prepare or adjust for.

The Haven Event Space Virtual Tour

Your Wedding Package with Options

The Classic Package

1 photographer - Jon
choice of engagement or bridal photos
4 hours wedding coverage
40 sneak peek images delivered 1 week after
350 edited images
online photo gallery


Optional Video Package Offer

1 videographer - Greg
4 hours coverage
3-5 minute wedding highlight video
delivered online


Optional Add-ons

4 additional hours ($200/hr)
Additional Photographer (Isabel $100/hr)
Reading of Vows
Potential Drone Footage
Image rights ( included)
Photo Album (waived)

~$400- $800+

Initial Package Total Proposed: $1,200

I am more than happy to discuss and negotiate budget if some of these add-ons or offers are desired. This is the ideal budget for my team and I for the time with add-ons and bundles included, but don't hesitate to express any changes you'd like to make/need!

Payment Plans Available

*Please note that your initial deposit is non refundable. This varies from payment plan to payment plan. Your deposit holds the date for the event and clears it off the calendar of all creative teams involved.

Equal Monthly

From the day the proposal is accepted, we take the remaining months up to 30days before the event and equally split the cost to help lighten the load and make it easier on your budget by spreading out the deposit.

3 Months from June = $400/month

40-30-30 Split

The 40-30-30 Split is a 40% deposit up front, 30% halfway through the remaining months until one month before the event, and the final 30% one month before the event.

40% in June = $480

30% in July = 360

30% in August = $360

Pay in Full

This is a more rare option that we see, but it has happened! Paying in full upfront secures our team in getting all the gear and materials necessary to prepare for your Big Day. This option allows for bonus prints and other add-ons as thank you for your generosity.

Custom Payment Plans

If you do not see a payment plan that fits your needs, feel free to select the "custom payment plan" option in the form at the bottom of this proposal and I'd be happy to work with you on options that suit you best!

The Content Ratio

60% - Photo

The majority of your deliverables will be Photography based. Photographer's needs in regards to content will be primary to that of the videographers. Throughout your day be sure to familiarize yourself with our photography team and get them in contact with you Point of Contact for the day to help ease your stress throughout the day.


40% - Video

Though a lower percentage in value, you will receive 100% in quality and effort! This just means that in regards to director priority, you'll hear less from the videographer throughout the day. We will be capturing in a more subtle and candid way while being mindful of the photography team.

Contact &Proposal Form

Now that you have had some time to review your proposal, use this form to communicate any and all questions, comments, or concerns that you may have! This is a safe space to express yourself and really make sure that you are getting the coverage you desire for your big day.