Hemp Social Event 4.25.24

Congratulations on a new and exciting milestone in your business journey my friends!

I know that there are a plethora of options when it comes to photography, and it truly means so much that you are trusting me with your images yet again for another exciting event. I can assure you that the images captured from your event will be moments and memories you'll cherish throughout the years!

This proposal is meant to serve as a snapshot of your day and our general plans for coverage.

You'll be able to find all your information regarding your event coverage, who I will be covering and where, which payment option and plan you'd like to accept etc.

At the end of this prompt there will be a form that you can use to help inform me of any additional information, as well as ask me any further questions that you may have as the itinerary will naturally evolve as we prepare for the event.

I truly am thankful and so excited to capture your event!


Vendor Information

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Sip Steady

Kayla & Sarah - Founders



Todd Harris - Founder


The Lowest Ferns

Nomada Venue


Jon Hargett



VIPs, Brands, Products, & Notable Attendees

*Please Update me if these images/info are incorrect!*


THC Seltzers


Crescent Canna

THC Seltzers


Cycling Frog

THC Seltzers



Cannabis Water


Flyers Cocktail Co

THC Cocktails


Mary Jones

Hemp-Infused Sodas


North Canna Co

THC + CBD Beverages



Hemp-Infused Beverages


Midwest Distributor Co

Beer & Spirits Distributor



Craft Beer, Craft Spirits, Wine and Non-Alcohol Distributor


General Event Itinerary

Date: April 24, 2024

Location: In The Lowest Ferns

Address: 1105 Hickory St, Kansas City, MO 64101

Event Space Number: (913) 568-6236

Jon's Contact: (913)-745-9098

Event POC: TBD

Below is an example itinerary from a previous Event.

We will build this out together no stress, no worries!

(All times are estimations made during our first consultation and are up for discussion. clarification, and changes as the year goes on)

Step and Repeat

5pm - Doors open, guest arrive for Step and Repeat

  • VIPs without product
  • VIPs with product
  • General Public Group Portraits

Portrait Based Photography

~ 7pm - Bride and Groom Games:

  • VIPs with cans
  • People Sipping Cans
  • General Candid Capture of People
  • Staged Portraits

Product Based Photography

~ 7pm - Bride and Groom Games:

  • Close-ups of cans
  • People Sipping Cans
  • Group Products
  • Individual Products

Event Based Photography

~ 7pm - Bride and Groom Games:

  • Vibey Space Coverage
  • General Event Details
  • General Candid Capture of Mingling
  • Vendor Candid
  • Vendor Posed

The Guild KC

Your Event Package Breakdown

Custom Coverage

1 photographer
2 hrs coverage
Step and Repeat Portraits
VIP Portraits
Product Photos
Event Photos
Candid Photos
online photo gallery


Optional Add-ons

2nd Photographer Hourly - $100/hr
Videographer Hourly - $150/hr
Content Creator Hourly - $75hr


Grand Total: $600

Payment Plans Available

50-50 Split

From the day the proposal is accepted, we equally split the cost to help lighten the load and make it easier on your budget by spreading out the payment.


$300 when booking

$300 day of the event

40-30-30 Split

The 40-30-30 Split is a 40% deposit up front, 30% halfway through the remaining months until one month before the event, and the final 30% one/two weeks after the event.


40% in March = $240

30% in April = $180

30% in May = $180

Pay in Full

This is a more rare option that we see, but it has happened! Paying in full upfront secures our team in getting all the gear and materials necessary to prepare for your event. This option allows for potential bonus prints and other add-ons as thank you for your generosity.

Custom Payment Plans

If you do not see a payment plan that fits your needs, feel free to select the "custom payment plan" option in the form at the bottom of this proposal and I'd be happy to work with you on options that suit you best!

The Content Ratio

100% - Photo

The majority of your deliverables will be Photography based. This typically means you'll more than likely be hearing from the Photographer more. Throughout your event be sure to familiarize yourself with our photography team and get them in contact with you Point of Contact for the day to help ease your stress throughout the evening.


0% - Video

Though a lower percentage in value, you will receive 100% in quality and effort! This just means that in regards to director priority, you'll hear less from the videographer throughout the day. We will be capturing in a more subtle and candid way while being mindful of the photography team.

Event Inspo

{Pulled from prior event inspo/gallery)

Contact &Proposal Form

Now that you have had some time to review your proposal, use this form to communicate any and all questions, comments, or concerns that you may have! This is a safe space to express yourself and really make sure that you are getting the coverage you desire for your event.