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It's Time To Deliver!

Please select your 12 minimum (1 per model and 1 per group) or your 30 minimum (3 photos per model, 1 per group) and upload to the drive in a new folder labeled as such "Your Name - Photo Deliverables"

Please select your clips that you wish to deliver with a minimum of total end run time of 1-3 mins of footage and upload to the drive in a new folder labeled "Your Name - Video Deliverables". If you have a distinction in format please make sub-folders (ex. Vertical Crop)

Access Google Drive

Event Feedback!

Let's get Constructive!

I really want as much feedback as possible in order to better structure this event in the future. I sincerely appreciate everyone's participation and support, but I know there is always room for improvement. Help me improve, help me create something truly special for this creative space. The good. The bad. All of it, this is a safe space.

Just labels, no names needed!

The brief, communication, appointment setting, vendor options etc.

Time slots, variety, direction, etc.

The Video Inspiration

What we will be creating

The One Rack Bridal Shoot

I, like many photographers, understand that the perfect photo isn't solely taken, but in fact it's produced by a team of creatives. In light of my goals to bring awareness and proper spotlight the stylists that help set the stage for our models to bring the photo to life, I want to start a video and photo series revolving around local boutiques and the creative minds behind them. I want these videos to be an opportunity for the stylists to showcase not only their stylings but also their personality and their creative process. As well as an opportunity for the model to express what it is they look for when styling themselves, or how they use their styling to help create their shape and posing.

I've also been wanting to push my work into the editorial and wedding space. Though I do photograph and film weddings, I don't always get as much time with the bride to get the kind of content I need for a more editorial style. I hope that this content will give me, and the other creatives involved, the opportunity to grow and expand our portfolios.

Directing Team

The One Rack

Our Stylist


Greg Rubbert

Videographer - DP


Jon Hargett

Lead Photographer/2nd Video - Pseudo Director


Featured Photographers

Willym Brown

Editorial | Creative | Natural Light



Naomi Read

Editorial | Creative | Natural Light


Featured Videographers

Bloom Media

KC Weddings | Cinematic Storytelling


Shot by Ed

Portraits | Events


The Objective

1) Create a 2-3 kinds of content packages for The One Bridal and portfolios

  • A) Styling/fitting/selection in Boutique
  • B) Photography Session
  • C) Promotional Commercial/Reels

2) Create Editorial Imagery for The One Rack, and creatives portfolios.

3) Provide BTS and Reels content of the shoot for all parties involved

4) If time allows, have a review/testimonial portion of the video for both the stylist and model

What the Creative Gets

1) Opportunity for bridal portraits with The One Bridal gowns - 9 gowns total

2) Opportunity to work in a commercial, time sensitive environment to improve overall preparation and efficiency.

3) Opportunity to have work featured commercially

4) Opportunity to have BTS for personal content if desired

5) If time allows, have a review/testimonial portion from models and stylist for web, personal, and marketing use.

What the Boutique Gets

1) 2.5 Hour Shoot with Jon and his creative Team and model network

3) Editorial Photo set of looks selected from Jon and Photographers

4) BTS Video content from Greg, and Jon (during the styling/portrait portions)

5) Boutique space video and imagery (if applicable/desired)

6) A featured playlist on YouTube with full links in description

What the Model Gets

1) 1 Look courtesy of The One Rack and images from each photographer

2) Digital copies of each finished product for their portfolio use

3) A Full gallery of Editorial images for your portfolio as well as first picks for IG posting

3) BTS Highlights from Greg, and Jon (during the styling/portrait portion)

4) A featured playlist on YouTube with full links in description

General Shoot Itinerary

Date: July 26th, 2022

Location: Unity Village (We will meet at the location shared below)

Address: 1901 NW Blue Pkwy Unity Village, MO 64065

Jon's Contact: (913)-745-9098

(Aside from arrival, all times are estimations and are up for discussion and clarification)

1) Everyone arrives on Location at/around 5:45-5:50pm

2) Models start their fitting or styling - 6pm ~20mins

3) Start content rotations: 6:30 (30min photo, 20min video, switch (this is done a total of 3 times)

4) Post shoot, open for testimonial/review video portions.

5) Film the end promotional slates for all parties

Unity Arts Ministry

Current Shooting Structure

(This structure will changed as needed to provide optimal content time with everyone)

I strongly recommend each photographer to have a shot list ready and to reach out to each group of models and vice versa.

The Photography Portion

How you choose to split that amongst your models is entirely up to you! I.e. more solo focused or more group focused.

After the event, I ask that each photographer submit a minimum total of 12 images to be shared with me to send over to The One Bridal for their use and promotion. You are always welcome to send more, 30 images is ideal, but minimum 12 imgs (1/model and 1/group).

Here is a shot list for those 30
3/model Wide, Medium, Close (end total 27)
1/group (end total 3)

The Video Portion

20 Minutes Per Group

Prefers Vertical Format

We have 2 goals with Video during this event:

20mins Post Photo:

1) Commercial/ad focused. Like the video banner and video shown here, Greg and our other videographers will aim to create a commercial of similar style for The One Bridal's brand and gowns. Each group of models will have 20 mins to work with Greg/other videographers after their photography portion to achieve either of these looks. I recommend communicating within your group to coordinate some sort of joint narrative to follow.

30mins During Photo:

2) Social Media content Focused: purely BTS and reels content for social platforms. Can include commentary/interview if time allows.

Each Videographer will edit and submit a 30sec-1min highlight video and/or commercial ad for The One Bridal to use for promotion.

Model List

I posted a poll on my Instagram story to see what the interest level within my network was for a bridal shoot, and I had an incredible response! Below are a few of the models who showed interest amongst many. Most of these models understand that this is a collaboration and are looking to expand their portfolio work with these images. I would prefer to work within my network of models as I am already comfortable with them, but if you had models in mind I'd be happy to meet them and see their work!

Group 1

Mallory Gray


Angel Duong


Ali Yvonne*


Mallory's Dress: Lake - Julie Vino | IG @julievinobridal - studio@julievino.com

Angel's Dress: 2384 - Mikaella |. Paloma Blanca - IG @palomablancabridal

Ali's Dress: Françoise - Elysee Edition | IG @elyseebridaldesign

Group 2

Nicole Fuentes


Jayleen Cole


Brittany Anderson*


Nicole's Dress: Argentina + Matching veil - Eddy K Dreams | IG @eddyk_bridal - eddyk@eddyk.comIG @eddyk_bridal - eddyk@eddyk.com

Jayleen's Dress: Hope - Julie Vino | IG @julievinobridal - studio@julievino.com

Brittany's Dress: Sia - Eddy K Dreams | IG @eddyk_bridal - eddyk@eddyk.com

Group 3

Soon Jen Pak


Kylie Nicole


Mallery Zion


Soon's Dress: Cleo - Dany Tabet | IG @danytabet

Kylie's Dress - Jaye -Madi Lane | IG @madilanebridal - madi@madilane.com

Mallery's Dress: Junie - Madi Lane | IG @madilanebridal - madi@madilane.com

Notable On-set Assistants

A huge thank you to those who came on set to assist with dress, water, and snacks for the models and crew

@dawsonlambert, @awcoach, @dubreedigital, @ciara.makeupartist, @celawins, @zen.rq

Designer Pairings

Madi Lane

Kylie and Mallery

Eddy K

Nicole and Brittany

Julie Vino

Mallory and Jayleen


Mallery Ali and Brittany

Testimonial Video Ref.

Greg and I will be aiming for this level of quality for the testimonials/ interviews. Focus on keeping a shallow DoF and keeping our talent in their respective 1/3 of frame. (1/3 side will vary to what is available)

Photo Mood Board

I have always been in love with Galia Lahav gowns and imagery . I use them as my inspiration for a lot of my bridal photography goals. I am looking to create the same level of quality and aesthetic for these images!

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out via email, text, or Instagram DMs.

Thank you so much once again for your time and consideration to create with me! It really means a lot and I hope this project helps you in any way it needs to!


Natalie is our primary point of contact with The One Bridal throughout this event. She will be who you schedule a fitting with and who you'll discuss measurements and options with prior to the shoot day! She is incredibly kind and I'm excited for you all to work with her!

(I tried to make a direct contact from but this website doesn't let me make custom forms for exterior emails)

Please contact Natalie with the following information:


Please use the following for your subject:

JHP Bridal Photo Event Fitting - [Your name here]



Typical dress size:


Preferred day of the week/time of day for a fitting appointment:


Jon will be the direct contact revolving around all things creative with this event. If you have any questions about this event at all, feel free to reach out to me via Email, email is the best way for me to stay organized lol, or use the form below to set up a time for a quick meet and greet via face time to go through things!



Questions? Let's Chat!

I originally intended to hold a meeting day for everyone to get acquainted with each other, I may still plan to do so, but until then feel free to reach out and setup a video Meet and greet with me! Just fill out the form here and I'll reply back within the day!