The Model Project Center B2B Brief

So, what is The Model Project Center?

The Model Project Center (MPC) is my model centered community project that aims to provide models and creatives more opportunity to pursue their passions in a more professional environment. Models will be able to sign up for various projects that will benefit their portfolios and connect them with various industry professionals for further network opportunities.

The MPC will allow businesses and designers an opportunity to streamline their casting call processes to professional and aspiring models, lessening the risk of under performing talent for their ads/media outlets and bring their creative visions to life. For local studios and boutiques, the MPC acts as a way to funnel more traffic to your doors in support of the creative vision to be made.

This brief is to act as a preview to what my MPC aims to provide and how we can make further impact here within the KC Creative scene. I thank you for your time and consideration!

Jon Hargett - MPC Coordinator

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you!

Over the past year, I've grown my creative network to over 100 creatives and models ready to grow and pursue this industry in a commercial space. I'll not only be bringing my own photography and creative eye to the table, but for those that are looking to host events I'll be bringing my long list of models, talent, and creative professionals for you to view and select from.

As I have gotten more involved within the creative community here in KC, I acknowledge the responsibility and opportunity that I can create for others that are looking to grow alongside me. My aim for these events are to connect local businesses with the incredibly talented network that hasn't broken into the commercial market, and offer a surplus of content to push their media needs forward at a fraction of the cost

Ways your Business can get involved

I want to preface, all projects within The Model Project Center, unless otherwise stated, will be photographed by me. I have your brand needs and best interest in mind when creating and will adhere to your brand needs.

Create a Project

Projects are great for new releases or collection based marketing needs. You set the theme and vision, models sign up to try their hand at bringing the vision to life under my photographic direction.

Host a creative event

Hosting an event creates great opportunity for models and creatives looking to break into the commercial scene and provide you with various styles of creative media for your marketing needs. You set the theme, you set the rules, we create for you.

Become a stylist vendor

By being a stylist vendor, your brand/business is listed as the "Preferred Stylist" for various projects. You also have the opportunity to have a stylist on set or, set up styling appointments for models prior to their shoot. This gives more opportunity for your clothes and styling to be showcased in model's portfolios and creative pursuits.

Exclusive Meetups/Events

After a year of navigating the creative space and participating in various creative meet-ups here in KC, I am looking to approach events that build portfolios in an industry standard-like structure. In 2022 I held 3 meetups, all varying in size, to determine what kinds of events can best serve a variety of needs for local businesses and designers.

These events will revolve around photographers, videographers, and models creating content under the client's theme or guidelines. This will give creatives and models opportunity to work in an industry standard environment and get their work in front of commercial clients while simultaneously supplying the client with content for web and social media outlets that actually align with marketing goals and needs.

My aim for these events are to connect local businesses with the incredibly talented network that have just/have yet broken into the commercial market, and offer a surplus of content to push their media needs forward at a fraction of the cost.

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Past Event/Client Galleries

The One Bridal

2.5 hour event - 9 models & gowns - 3 photographers - 3 videographers - minimum 30 image deliverables - minimum 3-5min of total video content - 1 onsite client stylist - 3 model assistants - 1 on site hair & makeup artist

Tasveer Boutique

1.5 hour event - 3 models & gowns - 1 photographer - 1 videographer - minimum 15 image deliverables - minimum 1-2min of total video content - 1 henna artist - 1 hair & makeup artist - 1 social media content creator

Leharr Collection for Heartland International Fashion

1.5 hour event - 2 models & 6 looks - 1 photographer - 1 on site assistant