Thank you and Welcome!

I'm excited to meet and work with you!

Thank you for your interest in the workshop! I really want this workshop to be an opportunity for you to get exposed to various food creative environments. There will be live cooking, freshly prepared food for you to photograph and experiment with, and various lighting environments for you to explore.

Though we will try to have moments of education and insight, I'll also be providing some take home guides based off my personal experience and preferences for you to have if you'd prefer to be more hands on during your time in the workshop

Who we are Supporting

Halla is a local chef currently cooking for Corvino and hosting pop ups throughout the city. Their love for food has fueled their curiosity and creative mind and I'm so excited to support them in their journey!

Your workshop ticket funds a great portion of their journey as they pursue independent private chef services

Check out their Instagram

What gear should you bring?

This workshop will focus around both photo and video. If you use different gear for either medium, be sure to pack both! Ideally you'll have a DSLR, of a phone that has a pro/manual photo function. Below are some additional insights of what to expect and how you may want to prepare. Know that you are more than welcome to bring your own lighting equipment if you wish!

Wide angle lens - 35-50mm F/2.8 recommended

Wide angle lenses are great for over head imagery. They can also be used to emphasize the height of certain items if used at lower angles!

Macro lens - 100mm F/2.8recommend

Macro lenses or longer focal lengths are perfect for those delicious detail photos and beautiful hero images

Lighting options available to you

Natural Light

The event space will have several large windows for you to utilize as your key light


I will have two newer LED panels available for you to utilize as your key and rim lights

Off Camera Flash

I will have a 640w with a 4ft octa box and a newer 300w with a square box modifier for off camera flashes available for you to utilize.

Interested in Video?

We will have Chef cooking each course live for us as an opportunity to not only capture editorial photos, but B-roll as well! We'll have a detailed recipe to review the various highlight moments. We'll talk about general directing tips and have an opportunity to experience the ins and outs of capturing live cooking

Cooking B-Roll

Halla is going to be cooking live, interested in video? Now's the time to try!

General take homes

These short guides will provide the basic information to get you started in this creative field. From general settings, styling, and even starting business practices, I hope these guides give you a glimpse into the industry and help paint a clearer picture of how you may take your talents into this field.

Food Photography Basics

This guide will talk about the basics of gear, angles, lighting, and general business practices that I've incorporated into my journey thus far.

Food Composition 101

This guide will cover all the various ways you can utilize compositional rules or elements to bring your flat lay or table setting to life.

Basics of Decor Styling

This guide will be an overview of how you can use various elements to elevate your images and incorporate color harmony to make your images pop

Have any questions?

I know this email is super last minute so I'm sure you have several questions, but don't hesitate to reach out! A lot can be answered in a day haha