The Why Behind the Discounts

To be perfectly frank and in my personal experience, I think the idea of TFP has been more harmful to our creative scene than helpful. This is mostly due to lack of education and value as to what each side of the creative prospect should be bringing to the table. As a model, has a photographer reached out to you saying they want to shoot and then it's been left up to you to figure virtually everything out? Photographers, have you had a model approach you about a project you've been wanting to pursue but when they arrive they only care about getting basic posing and expressions down that don't carry the story you envisioned?

Without an understanding of value, we lack in understanding what true collaboration is.

Let me be clear, any artist can make a lot from a little, and any model can change a creatives portfolio forever, but my main concern is balance of value in relation to investment of energy and time. We have many pretty faces who want to be seen as more than just a pretty face, and we have many extremely hard working models not getting the time of day or recognition because creatives are only pursuing trendy looks. This isn't a healthy creative environment. This develops entitled, toxic egos and skews the idea of value based on numbers alone.

Discounts act as a pseudo educational tool to show what I as the creative am putting value into you as the model. The more work or passion you put in to fall in line with my vision and meeting me halfway, the less you'll have to pay, hell you may even end up being the one getting paid in the end eventually.

New Starting Portrait Session Pricing:

30mins - $100 | 1hr - $200 | 2hr - $300

What It'll Cost You

So, you've already received 50% off my standard portrait pricing, but what if I told you that I wanted to offer more opportunity to reward your investment into these projects?

Below are some additional ways for you to further increase your discount per shoot. It's important to note that these are optional! You do not/may not have the time to invest with each project and that is perfectly fine.

Why am I doing this? I simply want to help you along your modeling journey. I am blessed to have both a full time job and a consistent flow of clients through my own personal photography outside of models looking to make it, which allows me to be more flexible with my model and creative work when it comes to pricing. I have several model friends and colleagues who express just how hard it is to truly grow as a model and make it far in the industry. I just want to help make the time and effort that you are investing into yourself a little easier.

Project Discount A -10%

As a client based photographer, there is seldom a time that I get to pursue creative projects of my own. Whether on a major scale: like a time-period themed shoot with make-up, styling and set design; or a minor scale: simply playing with color theory, composition, movement, lighting, etc. By simply signing up for a project, you are expressing interest in allowing me a chance to pursue these projects and practices, and for that I show thanks, with an Additional 15% off

Styling Discount B - 15%

I am just now starting to dive into the world of styling and being more meaningful with my production planning, however, sometimes I really don't have it all together. This is where rewarding your effort and investment comes into play. Prior to your shoot if you express thorough styling ideas to fit the theme, whether it's an outfit of your own, you finding a designer, maybe you just find a location for us to shoot at, any sign of effort to help bring the idea together is worthy of a 25% discount.

Portfolio Discount C -20%

Your portfolio is a window to the talent I'm bringing into these projects. This discount is subjective per project, please understand that this does not mean you are not capable or worthy of the discount! It simply means that for that particular project, I wanted to see more before giving this discount. If your portfolio is one that I feel shows that you can fall into the theme of the project, then I'll be happy to give another 25% off!

Here is an example:

You are a model who does a lot of sports and athletic styled shoots and have a fairly strong portfolio, but you sign up for a cosplay shoot which asks you to fall into a character and keep special effects in mind in which your portfolio has none of, I may not offer you the portfolio discount.

Agency Discount D-25%

If you are signed with a credible agency and your agent has approved of a project with me or has expressed that this project has potential to be on your professional portfolio then this discount is for you! Enjoy another 25% off!

Some Credible Agencies:

Voices and Models

Models and Images

Modern Artists

Next Paige Management

West Model & Talent Management

Reference Based Discounts

Book With Darci -Discount E

Darci is one of KC's renowned modeling coaches. I trust her coaching in helping models find their confidence and comfort in front of the camera and on the runway. If you've booked with Darci, I'll know that you'll come more prepared and ready to work!

Proof of session booked - 15 % Off

Book With Ciara -Discount E

I was introduced to Ciara through Willym and now Ciara is one of my trusted make-up artists. I trust her with bringing any creative vision to life. If you've booked with Ciara, I'll know that you are arriving with a quality look for our project.

Proof of Make-up booked - 10 % Off

Book My Creative Team! Discount G

This final 5% is to support some of my creative colleagues as they also grow their businesses. Show proof of booking with any of the following creatives within the month you book with me to receive this discount!

@strawberry_hive, @gregrubbert, @shotbyed_, @taylergilbert_

Find them on Instagram

Build Your Discount Tool

Want to see your potential discounts in action? Follow these steps below:

1) Click the button to open the custom discount calculator

2) Make a copy of the document and save it to your google drive BEFORE you start typing around. That way you ensure your changes are saved (this is optional but recommended)
[File > Make a Copy]

3) Follow the key for the instructions on how to navigate the calculator and watch your potential discount come together!

Build Your Discount Here

Let's Talk How I Pay You

Now, let's say you have all 4 discounts and after reviewing your portfolio or agency work ,I find myself really wanting to work with you. I want to shift the payment power and PAY YOU your hourly rate. Seriously. 

Imagine this journey as you pursue your career in modeling to where after a few shoots, you find yourself in a position where I pay you, that would just be so cool!

Current Projects in the Works!

I have divided my projects up to meet various needs in your growing portfolio. The general idea is that you'll be able to fill spots within your portfolio while also selecting the level of open creativity you desire. Many models are just looking for work that covers the fundamentals, and that is perfectly okay! If fundamentals are what you are looking for then you can always visit the "Projects for Newer Models" category whenever you need them.

Feel free to explore the various projects I currently have lined up for the year. There is no real deadline for many of these projects unless further stated in their individual prompts, and there is no limit to the number of projects you sign up for. So don't hesitate to sign up for the projects that interest you the most!

As these are projects "In the works" there are bound to be updates and changes throughout the production process. I ask that you be patient with me as I navigate through these encounters. Naturally, with no deadline there is room for content limbo after your shoot. I will be sure to provide a set of image previews for you to tease your followers to buy us time before the end product is released.

Exclusive Meet-ups

I'm looking to create meet-ups that are designed to push both the model and creatives involved to function in an industry professional like atmosphere. I'll be working with brands to help push my own personal portfolio and experience, while opening up opportunity to other creatives and models to do the same along with me.

Learn More

Personal Creative

Video Series

Got Feedback?

How do you feel about this format for collaboration?

Let me know your thoughts! The goods, the things that could be improved, maybe you have an idea that could propel this even further, share all the things!