To our friends at Cascade Hotel

Thank you so much for your incredibly warm hospitality and allowing us to utilize your beautiful interiors for our Client's portraits! We were blown away by the versatility of your spaces and wanted to reconnect in hopes to create a professional relationship for future projects and opportunities.

Below is a combination of introductions to my team, as well our general services and coverages to be consider should you ever need them. In addition I have 2 project opportunities with local clothing brands I support and would love to utilize your location if that is an option!

My Creative Collective

(Click on images for direct website/portfolio links)

Jon Hargett

Photographer/Creative Director


Greg Rubbert

Videographer - DP


Deni Mahoney

Content Creator - Social Media Manager


Madelyn Partmentier

Agency Represented Model - Lifestyle, Commercial, Editorial


Featured Brands Opportunities

Content Options

Hotel Lifestyle

Portraiture utilizing model list talent to highlight various amenities within your hotel such as:

1) Guest experience/journey: Entry welcome, room enjoyment, bar and coffee bar engagement, Strang Hall engagement, exit/valet services

3) Lounge specific vignettes

4) Bar Specific vignettes

5) Conference specific vignettes

Surrounding Area Lifestyle

Portraiture utilizing model list talent to highlight various amenities around your hotel such as:

1) Plaza shopping with Hotel in background

2) Feature any partner businesses/restaurants included in guest recommendations or benefits

3) Feature standout locations such as: Loose park, Nelson Atkins, Saint Luke's, UMKC

Amenities Lifestyle Video Promo

Video promos utilizing model list talent to highlight specific amenities within your hotel such as:

1) Hotel Rooms

2) Fitness room

3) Spa

4) Lounge area

5) Bar Area

6) Strang Hall Connection

7) Conference Hosting

Real Estate Exterior/Interior Coverage

Commercial Real Estate coverage of all hotel room, conference room, lounge spaces, and exteriors both Photo and Video.

Fashion Editorials

Bring attention to your incredible interiors and overall amenities for weddings, fashion designers, creatives, and influencers with Fashion editorials. These images can be utilized to reach a broader range of demographics and get your name out more organically through our creative community and wedding professionals.

Social Media Content Bundles

Utilize Deni's content creator experience to produce highly engaging reels and reviews to her ever expanding network and audience. This coverage includes, but is not limited to:

1) Overall Hotel Coverage

2) Event Coverage or promotion

3) BTS of photoshoots and events

4) Day in the Life style social media content

Photography Options

However you choose to utilize our photography services, know that we will create the team that can best serve your interests in mind.

Follow the button below to see our images captured during our Client's Ceremony in Dec 2023.

Additionally, you'll see additional image galleries of services for Hotel Philipps and Our feature brands in the past. These are for preview only and belong to their respective brands or Clients.

Access Private Gallery with Password:

Cascade Hotel Gallery

Video Option 1

Hotel Tour for interior and exterior showcasing

Video Option 2

Visual Storytelling of the customer experience highlighting various amenities and experiences available to them

Model List

Jon is also the founder of The Model Project Center, a community based project that aims to connect local aspiring talent to professional brands and organizations. Below is an example of a small handful of models that would be available to you to choose from when we create these looks.

Photo Mood Boards

Below are various mood boards for the projects listed above. These are all general idea of images within our capabilities of re-creating!

Lifestyle Focused Mood Board

Influencer Focused Mood Board

Hotel Details Focused Details

Fashion Editorial Focused Mood Board

Cascade Hotel Staff

Chris Curtis - Director of Sales and Marketing

Emily Butterfield

Assistant General Manager


Jon will be the direct contact revolving around all things creative. If you have any questions about these opportunities, feel free to reach out to me via Email or use the form below to set up a time for a quick meeting in person, over phone, or over virtual conference


Questions? Let's Chat!

I would love to meet in person or virtually to discuss further opportunities! Please fill out the form below or reply in our initial thread for the most efficient response time.