To my friends at The Model Board,

I am so grateful that the KC model community has The Model Board. You and your team are such an invaluable resource to both models and photographers and I am grateful to have you both acknowledge and support my Model Project Center.

When I last met with Noelle and Darci it was, at its core, an introduction to what the Model Project Center is and where we see potential for alignment as we both push forward to elevate the KC scene. This proposal is simply an expansion on ideas touched during our meeting and are open for discussion and implementation.

I hope this provides further clarity on how I see our parties co-existing in this community and ideally funnel more models to your services as the space grows to better benefit creatives of all kind within the industry.

No matter where the Model Project Center takes us, whether it's us working together or another photographer utilizing the structure and you working with them, I hope that we can guide KC into a more professional and financially just place.

All the Best,


The Model Project Center

The Model Project Center revolves around a pseudo education and value system that incentivizes Models to utilize local resources that will in turn reward and elevate their overall growth and performance for their photography/runway sessions here in KC.

I am still finalizing the overall production of these pages, but the discount structure and overall core values of The Model Project Center are present to explore. Projects are being developed as we speak as well.

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What The Model Board Gets

  • Priority client traffic from photography project inquiries
  • Large discount holder to incentivize and educate models to utilize your services. (The model receives X% off Jon's Photography if they utilize Y Service of The Model Board)
  • Curated project lines or events that utilize your services
  • A private gallery from each session that utilized your discount in my projects for your blogs, promotion, socials, etc. of models who opt into sharing.

What The Model Project Center Gets

  • Opportunity for my model list to utilize your on set coaching for projects if they so desire
  • Opportunity to be a test photographer when needed
  • Word of mouth promotion, support, direct models to the project center, whichever is comfortable.
  • If opportunity presents itself, model coach specific projects
  • Eventually I would love to hold a panel for discussion with photographers, models, model coaches, model agencies, designers, etc. I would love to have the Model Board there

Private Sessions

Currently, I have your private sessions as a larger discount holder of 15% off the session if they have proof of a class within the last 6 months. I am not as knowledgeable at the frequency in which a model may want a private session for a shoot or runway, but that frequency can easily be changed. The idea would be to funnel new talent towards this service both on the main discount description, as well as within individual projects where I would prefer they have that experience for this specific project.

On Set Coaching

I see this being a service that has the most potential for recurring utilization for new models and the project center. For the more editorial or portfolio intermediate projects, I will include the on set coaching as an extended discount offer in the project if they funnel to you.

Coach Specific Projects

I imagine the model project center could be a good place for coaches to give an additional avenue for their students to practice. The current idea would be to take a focus that the coach wants their students to focus on and create themed projects that can incorporate those skills on a live set. Images from the shoot can then be reviewed by the coach and discusses at their next private session or via email for further support.

For every project that is created by The Model Board, revenue from the shoot would be split accordingly to benefit The Model Board

Model Safety Buddy

Model safety is something I would really like to offer newer models coming into the KC community. Though there are a good set of safe and professional photographers, there have been many upsets and disappointing experiences that have come up that concern me.

I am currently working on a system within the Model Project Center offering a service where we have a select group of models or coaches that could sign up to be a "Safety Buddy" and their job would be to attend as "a friend" of the model for the shoot to be sure that they are treated professionally and appropriately. I'm still thinking through this, but with your list of students that come through, I feel there is an opportunity there to keep everyone safe and the creatives accountable.