The Model Board Finder's Fee

Hello to my friends at The Model Board!

Over the past year I have received an incredible amount of recommendations for digitals from your team.

I am incredibly grateful! I've been thinking of ways for us to both share in the growth even more as I love to support you and your team in general, and I thought of the idea of the finders fee.

Below is a breakdown on my thought process for how this may work.

Know that nothing is set in stone and is always open to change.

Please use the form at the bottom for any comments, questions, or changes you'd like to make!

*This is not a contract and you are not bound in any way to recommend or push business to me.

This is just my way of a personal thank you and hope to continue our pseudo partnership!*

New Pricing Structure

I have gone in an readjusted my Digitals breakdown pricing to reflect as follows:

Normal Pricing: $75 - public access

MPC: $60 - private link

TMB Recs: $50 - private link

A recommendation from The Model Board has provided strong reinforcement for my digitals sessions and has even lead to introductions with various agency recommendations. Thus prompting the change in my pricing structure. I really want my models to feel rewarded through their investment through The Model Board, and I feel like this new pricing structure will encourage them in their self-investment during their journey.

Finder's Fee

Using your private booking link, Models will be able to note which Model Board coach recommended them through a questionnaire. That coach will receive a flat $10 per recommendation booked.

How we transfer funds can be discuss as I cannot currently split payments outright. My current idea is just having your Venmos on hand and sending the finder's fee over once their payments go through.

What all is included in my Digi Sessions?

3- full body to choose from

3- 3/4 body to choose from

3- headshots to choose from

Full body Profile

Headshot Profile

45 degree Portrait

Digi walk Video

(Optional Comp Card Add-on)

Comp Card Add-ons

I do offer simple comp card construction to models upon request as well. This is a $10 optional add-on when needed. The structure is fluid and I may need some guidance on the exact information needed, but this is the format I currently have.

Your Private Link

1. Receive Private Link from TMB Coach
2. Select desired date and time
3. Submit Inquiry (all bookings are inquiries until my final confirmation)
4. After the session is confirmed, they should receive a full intake form that confirms the session, allows them to fill out the questionnaire, and make their payment
5. Upon session confirmation they will receive detailed instructions for their digitals session.
6. Once payment is processed, finder's fees will be sent via desired payment method

TMB Digitals Private Link

(Below is the URL in Text form for ease of copy and paste if needed)

Questions, Comments, Concerns

As this is an offer I'm privately offering your team, there is room for negotiation and overall discussion, so please speak freely! This is a safe space and I genuinely want to offer our models the best service.