Monochromatic (Styling)

I have always loved the idea of creating story and dimension within a single color. This project gives us opportunity to play with color and build unique fashion statements. These images will inherently be eye catching off color alone. Paired with your talents we are bound to make show stopper images.


1) The main objective is to find a color and emphasize it in fun, bold ways.

2) We will experiment with various combinations with the various colors and layers you bring.

3) Create an impactful editorial image that pops.

Your Steps

1) Create a Color Palette and find clothes to match!

2) Choose a couple looks that have both variations of monochrome elements so that we have some additional options to work with

3) Check my current list of backdrops or book a studio rental with Brush Co. Studio

4) If the project interests you, fill out the form as best you can and get excited to create!

Hue and Saturation

Pick a color and live within its hue and saturation family. Purple, periwinkle, violet, etc. As long as your foundational color is apparent it's a win.

Pure Monochrome

Same hue on everything. Simple, clean, impactful. Heck feel free to even throw the color on your face and nails too. Go wild child.

Adobe Color

Create your color palette using Adobe Color!

1) Simply select the color harmony rule for Monochromatic

2 Find the node that represents the central hex (should be the node on the outmost set of the color wheel)

3) Click and drag around until you find the color you need

4) Drag the inner node up and down to find the range you want the colors to fall in/work around.

5) Once you've found a palette you're happy with, either save the palette or take a screen capture of the palette with Hex codes included!

6) If you have the app, you can use Adobe Capture to identify the current colors of your outfit as well! I personally use this tool all the time when looking for inspiration.

Interested in Modeling?

Thank you for considering my project! Your interest alone means so much. I am so excited to create with you!

I hope that my photography can provide you with images you need to take your modeling career further.

To help keep me organized, I have put together this form below that will help me not only keep us on track for this project, but also keep you updated for future projects that are similar to this.

These discounts will be granted with my final discretion in mind. We will discuss and agree upon a final value before the session is booked. For discounts B, E-G have a receipt/picture of the receipt of their services ready.