Emotion and Expression

This project is all about facial exercise! As a model you are inherently being asked to be an actor. You can present a persona and characteristic with how you are styled, but you won't completely sell the image or idea if your expressions don't match that character. In commercial markets, your expression can be the defining element to a consumer's choice on whether to consider purchasing or not. We often default to "The Model Smize" which can be extremely powerful and stoic, but not every market is looking for that.


1) The main objective is to hyper focus on a set of expressions.

2) We will experiment with various methods or scenarios to achieve the look. It'll be very back and forth and entirely non-destructive

3) Once we find a set of expressions we are happy with, we will then light the scene to match the emotion. Creating a staple image for you to fall back on and reference.

Your Steps

1) Review the creative market you want to pursue and start thinking about what expressions you'd like to create

2) Choose a couple looks to bring that help fit the expression or overall tone that the expression lives in. This will help in creating a final staple image at the end of the shoot.

3) Take a moment to practice your expression in the mirror. Notice how the individual muscles move in your face and get used to how it feels to adjust those.

4) If the project interests you, fill out the form as best you can and get excited to create!

The Headshot

These images will be focused heavily on eye contact. Your hair doesn't have to be done up, your make up doesn't have to be put together, but as long as your eyes connect with the lens, you're golden. Think of the moments of admiration, of tough conversation, the moments of pensive thought, and even the moments mid laughter where you can't help but look to see if they are laughing too.

The Scenario

After we've nailed the expression, we'll compound other fundamental elements to create a staple image to represent that emotion. Typically a scenario helps the imagination, but it may also call for moments of assistance to help deliver the final image. I'll focus on lighting patterns and other elements during this time.

Interested in Modeling?

Thank you for considering my project! Your interest alone means so much. I am so excited to create with you!

I hope that my photography can provide you with images you need to take your modeling career further.

To help keep me organized, I have put together this form below that will help me not only keep us on track for this project, but also keep you updated for future projects that are similar to this.

These discounts will be granted with my final discretion in mind. We will discuss and agree upon a final value before the session is booked. For discounts B, E-G have a receipt/picture of the receipt of their services ready.