Introduction to Motion

Motion in a photo is the easiest way to make a photo feel alive and engaging. Even subtle motion can create a sense of story and make the frame feel lived in. If you ever find yourself looking or feeling stiff in a photo, I encourage models to shift or move into the desired pose, but even this isn't something that comes naturally. This project is an opportunity for us to learn what works best for you to better prepare for shoots moving forward.


1) The main objective is to hyper focus on dynamic motion

2) We will experiment with assisted motion as well. Whether it's a fan, a swoosh of air, thrown fabric etc, these sessions are here for experimentation.

3) Experiment with various layer elements of the outfit. In what ways can we create motion in the garment, while keeping you and your expression strong?

Your Steps

1) You can style your hair as you please but do not apply hairspray if you can help it! If there are any trouble areas we can always apply hairspray while on set.

2) Choose a couple looks to bring that allow for motion. If you want to wear a tighter outfit, bring an accessory that can provide the area of motion for you

3) Grab a friend to be your assistant if possible! Friends will be able to fall into the vision and help hair check you between every swoosh.

4) If the project interests you, fill out the form as best you can and get excited to create!

Natural Motion

Natural Motion centers around motion that you alone create. Whether thats' brisk movements or whipping of hair, getting comfortable creating motion to emphasize a pose or fabric will help you stand out and create more dynamic imagery.

Assisted Motion

Assisted Motion centers around having either a fan, or an assistant create movement and motion for you. Being able to let go of the ability to directly control the motion and focus on your expression is a great skill to have.

Interested in Modeling?

Thank you for considering my project! Your interest alone means so much. I am so excited to create with you!

I hope that my photography can provide you with images you need to take your modeling career further.

To help keep me organized, I have put together this form below that will help me not only keep us on track for this project, but also keep you updated for future projects that are similar to this.

These discounts will be granted with my final discretion in mind. We will discuss and agree upon a final value before the session is booked. For discounts B, E-G have a receipt/picture of the receipt of their services ready.